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Greek-style bite like Cleme

Greek-style bite like Cleme

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First I boiled the potatoes, I boiled them in their skins, I didn't boil them to be completely penetrated, they are also made in the oven. After they boiled, I let them cool.

After that I prepared the bechamel sauce. In a saucepan, melt the butter, add the flour and mix for about 2-3 minutes, then thin with milk. I sprinkled salt and pepper and continued to stir continuously until the sauce began to thicken. After it boiled in 2-3 boils, I added the Parmesan cheese and the cheese, I mixed it and I left it on the fire for another 3 minutes. I pulled the pan over the heat, let it cool a bit and covered it with cling film, directly on the surface of the sauce, so that it doesn't crust until we put it on the bite.

I cut the green onion into small pieces, put it in a hard pan to soften it a bit, then I added the minced meat, I mixed it well and I let it cook until the meat starts to turn white, then I added the tomatoes with the pepper , I sprinkled a little salt and pepper, I reduced the heat and I let it boil for about 40 minutes until the meat sauce has no more juice.

I greased with a little oil the shape in which I made the moussaka. I peeled the potatoes and cut them, I put a layer as a base, I put potatoes on the edges, then I put the meat sauce, over which I put the rest of the sliced ​​potatoes. In the bechamel sauce, break 2 eggs and mix well, then spread the sauce on top over the potato layer. I put the tray with moussaka in the tray from the stove, I put water in the tray from the stove, I turned the heat very low and I let the moussaka cook on low heat for about 2 hours, when it starts to brown nicely it is ready, with 5 min before removing the tray from the oven, sprinkle the grated telemeau and cheese, let it melt, then remove the moussaka from the oven. Leave it for 10 minutes (exactly how long the photo session lasted) and then serve with gusto.


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