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Caramel and caramel sauce

Caramel and caramel sauce

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Recipe Caramel and Caramel Sauce of of 18-01-2009 [Updated on 13-03-2018]

Preparing caramel is really simple ... great for covering desserts such as panna cotta, cheesecake or cold yogurt cake, or used as an ingredient for the preparation of cakes, ice cream or muffins.
I leave you the recipe for caramel and caramel sauce, in this version also called toffee sauce, even better;)

  • Ingredients for the caramel:
  • Ingredients for the caramel sauce:


How to Make Caramel and Caramel Sauce

Prepare the caramel by placing a saucepan with sugar and two tablespoons of water on the heat. Cook over high heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

As soon as the sugar begins to crystallize, lower the heat and continue stirring.

Keep stirring until the sugar is perfectly caramelized. Use immediately

To obtain the caramel sauce, on the other hand, once the caramel is ready, turn off the heat and add the cream, which you have previously heated in a saucepan.

Stir with a wooden spoon, let the caramel sauce cool and use it as required by the recipe.

Lemon caramel

Heat a saucepan on the stove and, as soon as it is hot, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

Wait for the sugar to dissolve.

As soon as the sugar is well dissolved, mix with a wooden spoon, add the remaining sugar and let it melt without ever mixing it.

Meanwhile, heat the lemon juice in the microwave or in another saucepan and add it to the melted sugar.

Pay attention to the steam that will be produced by pouring the juice into the sugar, you could burn yourself!

Boil the mixture for one minute, stirring constantly.

Turn off the heat under the saucepan and continue stirring until there are no more traces of sugar.

At this point, add the salt and the grated lemon peel and mix.

Caramel that remains soft

In a saucepan, pour the sugar and 3 tablespoons of cold water. Put on low heat and never mix.

After a variable time, about 15 minutes, the sugar melts and candy. As soon as it is a beautiful golden blonde color it is ready.

Before melting, the sugar absorbs the water and becomes a very hard stone, shortly after, from the bottom, it will begin to melt and become caramel.

To prevent it from burning below while it is still stone above, if necessary break the hard patina with a ladle so that it melts everything evenly.

In a separate saucepan, prepare boiling water. Remove the caramel saucepan from the heat and carefully pour in a little boiling water.

Ideally, the same volume of water should be poured as is the caramel.

Do not add too much water at the beginning or the result will be a very liquid mixture. If you put too little of it, it will tend to harden.

However, stir occasionally as it cools and will gain consistency. From liquid as it is in the beginning, it will begin to turn into a syrup.

As soon as it is cold, and of the desired consistency, keep it in a bottle or in a jar.

Spumoni with nougat with caramel sauce

Important menus need a sweet at the height. These nougat spumoni with caramel sauce they represent a perfect spoon dessert for any occasion, to end a meal of meat or fish. A dessert that your diners will surely ask for an encore!


1) Mount 4 yolks with 80 g of sugar and a spoonful of liqueur until they are swollen and frothy. Add 300 g of Nougat chopped and 500 g of cream whipped, stirring gently from the bottom up, until the ingredients are blended.

2) Line 6 individual molds with cling film, lay the same number of pan disks of 1 on the bottom sponge cake ready cut to measure and brush them with a tablespoon of liquor diluted with 2 tablespoons of water. Pour over the cream and put in the freezer for 3 hours.

3) A quarter of an hour before serving, pour it sugar left in a saucepan, sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of water and caramelize. Just it sugar begins to take a nice dark blond color, remove it from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Pour a little caramel on a sheet of baking paper, pull it with a fork forming decorative curlicues and let them harden. Turn out the spumoni and decorate with powdered sugar, grain and caramel decorations.

Caramel, caramel sauce

A thermometer is appropriate: dry caramel, put the sugar a little at a time in a saucepan and add as the first melts. It can be blond (160 degrees) or dark (170 degrees) depending on the temperature. After 175 degrees, the caramel burns and is thrown away, often with the pot.

Water caramel,

dissolve x sugar in x / 2 water, stir constantly. Same as the first, only the technique that is sweeter changes.

Caramel sauce: prepare the camel in water, then when ready add another x / 2 of boiling water and stir continuously with the whisk, until all the foam that has been created is eliminated.

Optionally you can add cream of tartar, glucose and acetic acid (white vinegar): the first two increase the smoothness and elasticity of the compound, while the last (together with a low cooking temperature) helps to maintain the clear compound. Both characteristics are indispensable especially for some uses, such as fondant or liqueur syrups, which will then be colored in turn.

Recipe Caramel sauce with grilled oranges

Ask for one recipe at my house, it is equivalent to asking for a state secret, not because they don't want to give it to you, on the contrary. But my mom has recipes that start with an eye and end with the amount required.
There caramell recipeor, what is preserved in a jar, is always present in my parents' pantry. So I call and he says: "come and get him first". "Thanks for the trust, huh."
I'm precise, I ask her what sugar do you use, thinking that she can tell me about Malawi cane or Muscovado, instead the answer is "sugar is sugar".
So my collection of cane sugars looks at me a bit 'frowning. At the end of the phone call, I know that sugar is used, just enough, and boiling water, as much as needed.
The greeting was a comforting "sure you and it will burn".
And with a dose of confidence and courage I begin to prepare the grilled oranges with a caramel sauce, to be honest I did it twice, the first time forgetting my mother's advice "put boiling water" I put it cold, so it solidified immediately!
Regarding the oranges I used the Ribera oranges that I buy directly online from Arance a Domicilio, so I am sure that they are not treated and have an attractive price and in 48 hours they arrive at home fresh and tasty.

  • 150 g of brown sugar
  • a spoonful of fresh water
  • boiling water as required
  • 1 Ribera orange
  • lightly toasted chopped almonds with a knife
  • 1 Teppan Yaki Severin grill

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how cool the oranges plated with caramel! beautiful!

A recipe show this. As for the recipes, only the same ones my grandma gave me. : D And I alas, I got terribly taken from her. The blog saves me a little, for which I have to write specific things. But how many recipes do I not write because to the eye and weighing from time to time is a grind: D
A big kiss

as I understand your mom. I do the same. however over time I have learned to convert my & quot; eye share & quot; in almost precise quantities, in order to spread the knowledge. : D this I try!

Thanks for the comment
Barbara's cooking blog, food blog

Caramel and Caramel Sauce - Recipes

I copied this recipe from my old blog "I dolci di Chiara".

For New Year's Eve I wanted a sweet tooth, which just looking at it made your mouth water. One of those desserts that when you open it you find a dripping filling. So I thought about pairing the chocolate with a salted caramel sauce with peanuts. Delicious! The difficulty lies in not letting the caramel escape from the inside of the cake, because if the cream is compacted in the freezer, the caramel does not (being mostly composed of sugar), so you have to wrap it well in the cream, without putting it too close to the edges of the mold. I will indicate the recipe for both a fluid caramel like the one in the photo, and for a more compact one. The recipe for the chocolate creamy is that of Luca Montersino's Caribbean cake, the flourless cocoa biscuit that serves as both a base and a thin insert is the Bavarian with the three chocolates also from Montersino, while for the caramel sauce I took inspiration from a recipe by Leonardo Di Carlo to which I made some changes. And then, the final choice, the dress of the dessert. The Pillow mold from Silikomart was perfect. But you can use any slightly deep silicone mold or a simple silicone cake pan. I then covered everything with the velvet effect cocoa butter spray, but it can also be frosted. I made the decorations simply by dissolving the isomalt sugar (which unlike normal sugar remains transparent and not caramel-colored), adding the red color in gel and pouring it with a teaspoon into the silicone sphere molds, the mini Truffle by Silikomart. In handling the isomalt metal tools are used and it is placed on a silicone mat because once melted it is really hot, but the yield is really beautiful (it fears humidity, so it is not put in the refrigerator).
Click here to read the recipe

Caramel Recipe - The Recipes of

15823 recipes for caramel decorations have been found from the GialloZafferano Blogs. Read all the results from the blogs. CHOCOLATE RISOTTO WITH FRUIT. Caramel is the result of cooking sucrose. Dark caramel is often used to create decorations to complement sweets or pastries. In the pastry course we were taught to make very simple decorations with caramel but which immediately give the cake a more professional look.

Yesterday, therefore, I made caramel for the first time (yes.

Caramel Decorations Recipes. In Flavors Recipes you will find 145286 Caramel Decorations recipes along with thousands of other recipes. Caramel for decorations (hard): To prepare the caramel in the dry mode, all you need is a steel saucepan with a double bottom and some sugar. Spectacular and very simple to make and you don't even need a sugar thermometer too much. To start trying your hand at caramel and. Caramel sauce is a sugar-based preparation, often used to garnish spoon desserts such as creme caramel and panna cotta. Caramel is widely used especially for cake decorations. Caramel sauce. Ingrediants. 200 gr of sugar 100 ml of water. Caramel is the result of cooking sucrose. Dark caramel is often used to create decorations to complement sweets or pastries.

Caramel Decorations - Recipe Caramel Decorations - Forum's

Recipes of Montersino Decorations with Caramel. In Recipes Flavors you will find 27382 recipes from Montersino Decorations with Caramel along with thousands of other recipes. Many decorations can be made with caramel. Below, we will show you some realizations using a quick and easy method. A quick and easy way to make decorations. Caramel, the Giallozafferano recipe - Duration: 8:01. Yellow Saffron 157,634 views. 8:01.

Cooking and tasting.

If you want to pack jars to give as a gift at Christmas, with many delights made by you, well you can't miss this sauce !! You will make the recipient happy !!
Creamy, melting and with that salty note that teases. try it on bread, to fill cakes, pies, on panna cotta or simply to sweeten milk or coffee !!
Mixed with a dark chocolate ganache it becomes heavenly. it is addictive !!
You find many variations on the web, this is mine.

250 g of granulated sugar - 70 ml of water - 1 teaspoon of glucose (optional) - 175 ml of fresh cream - 125 g of butter - 1 level teaspoon of pink salt

With this dose you will get a full jar, like the one in the photo. mine is halfway because I used it for another dessert !!

Combine the water, sugar and glucose in a thick-bottomed saucepan. turn on the heat and bring to a boil, then lower the heat and let it cook until it reaches an amber color. Meanwhile, heat the cream well and cut the butter into small pieces.
Once the caramel is ready, remove it from the heat and add the cream, a little at a time, stirring and paying attention to any hot splashes (heating the cream is used to minimize this risk). Add the salt and butter and mix everything quickly.
Pour into an airtight jar and once cold store in the refrigerator.

Some notes:
Glucose is not mandatory, but it serves to prevent the sugar from crystallizing.
You can flavor your sauce with vanilla, cocoa, pepper, tonka bean. and replace the cream with milk.
If you want, you can also keep it in the freezer, however, you will always have it ready because it does not freeze.
As an idea for Christmas gifts, just decorate the jars with red raffia with which you can also tie a nice ceramic spoon !!

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Ingredients: 8 not too ripe strawberries, 1 bunch of grapes, 100 g of sugar, 4 tablespoons of water, almond oil.

Preparation: Wash and dry the fruit. Leave the stalk attached to both strawberries and grapes. Dissolve the sugar with the water over low heat, stirring then raise the heat until the sugar begins to caramelize. Quickly dip the fruits one at a time, caramelizing them on all sides. Place them well apart on a plate greased with oil and let the caramel dry.

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