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Meat Tracking App at Australian McDonald’s

Meat Tracking App at Australian McDonald’s

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Australian McDonald’s has an app that shows you where your meat came from

As of now, the app is only available in Australia.

The Telegraph reports that an app in Australia is being used by consumers to track where the meat in their McDonald’s is coming from. The “Track My Macca” app (which references the chain’s Australian nickname) can be used to track the restaurant’s most popular products like Big Macs, McChicken Burgers, Chicken McNuggets, and French fries.

The app uses the customer’s location and a scanned mobile barcode on the side of the food’s box to tell consumers the source and where the meat was processed before arriving to be cooked.

Users can also listen to a “real meat story” by a local farmer, baker, or fisherman who supplies ingredients for the popular chain.

McDonald’s has a large franchise in Australia, employing more than 85,000 people at their 780 branches. The app is another part of the chain’s attempt to change their global transparency. Due to the large number of scandals in the past years concerning the restaurants health effects, the company has attempted to create a better image.

As of now, the app is only available in Australia and there are no known plans of it extending elsewhere.

  • Best Overall:Paprika
  • Best for Time Crunched Cooks:Mealime
  • Best for Weight Loss:PlateJoy
  • Best for Weight Loss Runner Up:Eat This Much
  • Best for Social Media Fans:Prepear
  • Best for Meal Preppers:MealPrepPro
  • Best for Using Up Leftovers:BigOven
  • Best if You're Budgeting:MealBoard

Best Overall : Paprika

Customizes chosen recipes and easily scales them up and down

Seamless cloud sync across devices

Saves recipes from all major food and wine sites and easily creates grocery lists

No built-in nutritional info

There is no recipe database and can't scan on-paper recipes from pictures

Paprika is our top pick because it gives you tons of flexibility and customization with the free app option. However, there’s no database of recipes or pre-set meal plans so you have to build up your own recipe collection first. Thankfully, Paprika’s recipe clipper makes it easy to save recipes directly from the web. And you can manually type in your own family recipes or cookbook favorites too.

When organizing saved recipes, users can name their own categories. So instead of just Beef or Chicken, you can have names like 30 Minutes or Less, Instant Pot, or Kids’ Favorites. If you tend to use recipes as guidelines instead of gospel, you can edit the recipes and add notes, but it’ll still have the link to the original in case you need it.

The app displays nutrition data from recipes that include it, but it doesn’t have a built-in program to calculate data for recipes that don’t have it. But it can automatically scale ingredients up or down depending on how many servings you want to make, and can automatically convert from metric to imperial measurements too.

It’s easy to create a weekly or monthly meal plan using the recipes you’ve saved. the free app version allows you to downoad up to 50 recipes (you can upgrade for a fee to get more). It will automatically create a customized grocery list based on your plan, consolidating ingredients when necessary and allowing users to add anything else they might need, like paper towels.

Best for Time Crunched Cooks : Mealime

Easy to use and convenient for people who are pressed for time

Curates recipes based on specific dietary needs, likes, or dislikes

Generates shoppings lists for digital purchases

The upgraded version requires a monthly payment

Lacks detailed nutritional information per recipe

Doesn't allow manual addition of recipes

If you want to eat healthier but don’t have time to scour the web for recipes or spend an hour cooking, Mealime is the app for you. Create a profile, add your food preferences, then choose your week’s meals from recipes the app curates just for you. The company promises they can be cooked in 30 minutes or less, and it’ll even generate a shopping list that can be imported into Amazon Fresh or Instacart for delivery.

The recipes all have a healthful bent and can accommodate many dietary restrictions, such as keto, paleo, and vegan. And you can import favorite recipes from the web, too, though adding recipes manually isn’t an option. The app is free, but if you upgrade to Pro you’ll get access to many more recipes, nutrition information, and the ability to filter meals by calorie count, save your meal plans, and add notes to a recipe.

Best for Weight Loss : PlateJoy

Nutritionist-designed and supported for a highly personalized plan based on extensive intake survey

Free with some health-insurance providers

Generates shoppings lists for digital purchases that also aim to reduce food waste

Seamless cloud sync across devices, plus it syncs to fitness and calorie trackers

More expensive than competitors with no value add-ons like free ingredients

PlateJoy’s highly personalized meal plans are a boon to those with specific dietary restrictions. Users take a lifestyle survey, which includes things like food preferences, fitness and calorie goals, allergies, and schedules, and the app uses 50 data points to create a unique meal plan just for you. It even accommodates those who are diabetic or on a low FODMAP plan.

The meal plans are designed by nutritionists, who are available by phone or chat too, and recipes include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The meal plans will automatically generate a shopping list, which can be integrated with Instacart or other grocery delivery services. You can also add your own recipes manually.

Users can sync the app to their FitBit, so it’ll automatically add their meals’ nutrition info to their calorie tracker. Even better, if your health insurance provider has joined the company’s PlateJoy Health division, you can get a free subscription, free Fitbit and free scale.

Best for Weight Loss Runner Up : Eat This Much

Calorie-goal oriented great for people who like to track their macros

Good nutritional info per recipe

Easy to use for website or manually added recipes

Large database of restaurants and packaged foods plus barcode scanner for nutritional info

Not ideal for families that have individuals with different nutritional needs or goals

No shopping lists or grocery deliveries for free version

Shopping list cost estimates aren't always accurate

Only allows daily meal plans unless you pay the monthly fee for upgraded version

The app will generate custom meal plans from its database using your preferences and calorie goals as a guide. It also allows users to import recipes from the web or manually add them. It’s also a calorie tracker with a database of popular restaurant dishes and packaged foods, which you can add to manually or with a barcode scanner. However, the app only allows daily meal plans unless you upgrade to the Premium account for $4.99 per month. Premium allows for weekly plans with nutrition targets for each day, automatic shopping lists and grocery delivery.

Best for Social Media Fans : Prepear

Thousands of free recipes personalized to your goals, needs, likes, and dislikes

Good nutritional info on recipes imported from websites

Adding recipes from the web or by hand is quick and easy

Connect with friends and food-enthusiasts through the app

Generates smart shopping lists

Better features require purchase of the Prepear Gold upgrade

Takes a lot of work to add ingredients into your personal recipes to get accurate nutritional information

Many of the web’s most popular food bloggers have partnered with PrePear to offer their recipes and meal plans to users. With one click, you could have a month’s worth of recipes from one of your favorite bloggers added to your calendar complete with shopping lists. The caveat is you’ll have to upgrade to Gold to access those plans.

But even if you opt for the free version, which is blessedly ad-free, you’ll still have more than 100,000 recipes to choose from in the app’s database. The recipes have been uploaded by the community of users (including many bloggers) and often have reviews or star rankings. There’s everything from classics to keto, and if you set up a few preferences the app will curate what you see. You can easily add more recipes from the web or manually add your family favorites. The Food Feed tab is where you can create your own network of friends, kind of like a foodie Facebook group, to get inspiration from what everyone else is cooking and share your own.

Cooking from the app is very user-friendly: You can check off ingredients as you go and a split-screen format allows you to see ingredients on one side and the instructions on the other. You can also add reminders to alert you to defrost meat or start prepping.

Best for Meal Preppers : MealPrepPro

Easy recipes for weekly or daily cooking

Nutritional information on all recipes

Personalized recipes that cater to your macro needs, goals, likes, and dislikes

Syncs with fitness devices

Generates smart shopping lists

After a 7-day free trial there is a monthly fee

Designed for batch cooking, so the math on scaling down is up to the user

There is a lot of time spent in the kitchen to comply with the week's suggested plan

MealPrepPro is designed for people who want to cook large batches of healthy food so they just have to heat and eat later in the week. The recipes are quick to make — just 10 to 30 minutes for four days’ worth of food — and designed for you to make a big batch one day, and then you’ll eat it for several days after. Sure it’s repetitive, but if you’re watching what you eat and don’t have a lot of time, you’ll always have a healthy meal waiting for you. If you’d rather cook fresh every day, or cook an even bigger batch to freeze, you can set the app to do that too.

Set up your preferences according to your diet (keto, paleo, plant-based, etc.) and either let the app determine your macro goals based on your health stats or you can set them manually. The app will create a weekly plan of lunch and dinner (plus breakfast and snacks if you want them) from its collection of recipes. Generally, you’ll be cooking just twice a week, though a couple of the breakfasts and snacks are made a la minute.

You can customize the plan if you want. It’ll even offer suggestions if you want to swap out a dish with something else. The recipes are easy to follow with step-by-step videos, but they’re made for one or two people, so if you’re feeding a family you’ll have to do your own math to scale things up. You can also add your own recipes. The plan generates an organized shopping list, and you can cross things off as you pick them up.

The app syncs with Apple Health and the Apple Watch, so you can keep track of your calories/macros, water consumption and follow the shopping list from your wrist.

The Monster Mac

The best way to avoid any judgment when ordering this enormous burger is to head to the digital kiosk to order the Monster Mac, that way you are in complete control of what goes on your burger and can add touches such as extra onions or cheese.

Start by ordering a standard Big Mac and then simply add six burger patties, bringing the total to eight.

The Monster Mac isn't going to fit inside of a regular Big Mac box, so grab some extra napkins and be prepared to get messy while chowing down on this US favourite that has been rated "a nine out of 10" by fast food connoisseur TikTok user @theglasssniper.

SparkPeople Calorie Tracker: Best Motivational Calorie Counting App

SparkPeople Calorie Tracker is a free calorie counter app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to enter their food calorie information manually or by scanning a product's barcode with their device's camera.

The SparkPeople Calorie Tracker app has a massive food database, meaning it has a higher chance of understanding any unusual meals you may enter. It's great for the foodie hipster who likes to eat something new every day.

SparkPeople's social features also impress due to their potential to keep you motivated on your diet or lifestyle change.

What We Like:

  • The app is available on the Apple Watch as well as the iPhone.
  • Syncs data with Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Misfit, Runkeeper, Garmin, and Apple HealthKit.

What We Don't Like:

  • App freezes and crashed on older iOS devices.
  • Detailed food calorie charts require a $4.99 monthly subscription.

Available on: iOS and Android

The top 50 health apps

Maintaining your health, fitness and happiness goals is only one (or two) downloads away.

Photo: iStock Source:BodyAndSoul

Maintaining your health, fitness and happiness goals is only one (or two) downloads away.

Swap It Don&apost Stop It

Since around 61 percent of adult Australians are reportedly obese, the Australian Government developed this useful app to help us make healthier choices. It shows you how to make smarter food choices from swapping sweets for nuts, to getting more exercise in your day, along with ways to shop smart, save calories and even how to join local exercise classes. You can track your progress and set alerts to be remind you when its time to make a swap. Handy and informative.

Price: Free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Calorific (free on iPhone and Android).


New from our sister site comes this comprehensive, easy-to-follow recipe app, featuring all 23,000 tried-and-tested recipes from a number of food titles including MasterChef magazine, Super Food Ideas, Australian Good Taste and ABC Delicious. It’s perfect to inspire you in the kitchen or at the supermarket. Other features include an interactive shopping list, favourites folder, recipe of the day function and inspiring recipe collections. A must-have for every home cook.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Andoid. Download here.

Also download: BBC’s Good Food Quick Recipes ($2.99 on iPhone and Android).


If you’re child suffers from a food allergy, or you follow a restrictive diet, then take this app to the supermarket with you. It allows you to check information on certain food additives and how they will affect you, according to a number of diet sensitivities, such as coeliac disease, gluten, vegetarian, vegan and even halal. It contains a comprehensive glossary on the main additives in an easy-to-use guide.

Price: $4.49 on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Food Allergy Detective ($2.99) Gluten Free Ingredients (99c, both iPhone), or What Additives (free for Android users).

Coeliac Society of Australia Ingredient List

This app determines if a product or that dish you’re about to eat contains gluten. It contains a listing of more than 800 ingredients and 300 additives used in Australian and New Zealand foods, and tells you whether they’re safe to include in a gluten-free diet. Download if you’ve just been diagnosed with celiac disease.

Price: $8.49 on iPhone. Download here.

Also download: Gluten free by ingredients: Australia and New Zealand ($2.99 on iPhone).

Allergy Free Entertaining

Throw a dinner party and the odds are several of your guests will have a food allergy, intolerance, or preference for certain foods. This app lets you find allergy-free alternatives to cater for everyone including those who are allergic to nuts, egg, soy or gluten intolerant. You’ll find helpful cooking advice, recipes and even a list of wines to match your meals.

Price: free on iPhone and Android. Download here: iPhone Android

Also download: Upgrade for more recipes ($2.99), Gluten Free Eating Directory (free from iTunes).

Food labels with nutritional facts

Like to know how much saturated fat is in a Big Mac? How about the sugar content in your favourite chocolate bar? This app lets you keep track of the nutritional content of more than 7,000 foods in one handy device. Use it to monitor your overall fat and calorie intake while eating out and at the supermarket.

Price: Free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Food Check (99c), Nutrition Facts ($2.99), Honest Label (Android).

Superfoods HD

Do you know your goji’s from your gooseberries? This app teaches you about a wide range of superfoods and how to integrate them in your diet. It gives you the health information on each superfood, along with clear, useful images so you can spot them when shopping in the supermarket and over 200 recipe ideas too.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Superfoods: 10 Foods that will make you feel great ($2.99) iEatHealthy (free from iTunes), Superfoods Guide Book (Android, $4.82).


This app lets you choose from more than 28,000 tried-and-tested recipes, collated from foodie publications such as Bon Appétit and Gourmet magazine, among others. Browse the popular recipe collections, search for a particular recipe, or find healthy quick and easy meals in a flash.

Price: free on iPhone and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Jamie Oliver’s 20-minute meals, (free on iPhone and Android).

Alcohol aware

This app keeps a daily track of the amount of alcoholic drinks you’re imbibing, as well as the effects those glasses of wine will have on your waistline. Obviously, if you can’t focus on your screen to input the info, then you’ve had enough.

Price: $1.99 on iPhone and iPad. Download here

Also download: Alcohol and your brain ($1.99, iPhone) Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker (free on Android).

Smoothie Recipes

This app contains 110 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. There’s even suggestions for making your own mocktails, and best of all, calorie content is included.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here iPhone Android

Also download: Green Smoothies ($1.99) Whole Living (99c).

Fitness Builder

Whether you’re starting an exercise routine for the first time, or just want some workout inspiration, Fitness Builder can help. This app lets you choose from an impressive library of more than 5,600 exercise images and videos, or, you can even ask a personal trainer for helpful advice.

Price: free on iPhone and Android. Download here.

Also download: Men’s Health (free iPhone and Android) or Nexercise (free on iPhone).

Sit Ups Pro

If you’re in search of that elusive six-pack, or just need to know how many calories you’re burning with every crunch, this app is for you. To use it, enter your age, weight and fitness level, hold your smartphone above your chest and get crunching. It keeps track of the amount of sit ups set for you. This app is a good motivator for those who exercise best when working towards a numeral goal.

Also download: 365 Days Sit ups (free on iPhone).


If you’re looking for a new running route, want to log the distance travelled or find someone nearby to run with, them this app is a must-have. This version also suggests the foods you should eat before and after your workout, and logs the number of calories burned.

Price: free on iPhone and Android. Download here. iPhone Andriod

Also download: Personal running trainer, 5K Running (great if you’re training for a short marathon), i.Run, and Daily Burn (all free from iTunes).


Like iMapMyRun, this app uses built-in GPS technology to track your cycling distance, while keeping track of the time, distance or speed you’ve cycled.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone

Also download: Bicycle exercise ($1.99 on iPhone) or Strava Cycle (free on Android).

Nike Boom

Now you can achieve that long, lean and toned body with Nike’s personal trainer workout app. This version lets you choose from more than 60 workout sessions (including images and audio) matched back to your own music. Just download it.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: THI Personal Trainer Lite, Interval Timer Workout and Fitness Pro for more options (all free from iTunes).


The Australian Heart Foundation recommends walking 30 minutes every day in order to keep our weight, heart and cholesterol levels in check. This app lets you keep track of how far you’re walking, and how many kilojoules you’ve burnt by storing the information on your phone (which is then uploaded to the website).

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Free City Maps and Walks, which is a great way to keep up your fitness routine while on holidays (free from iTunes).

Just Start Walking

From the Australian Chiropractor’s Association comes this easy-to-use app. It allows you to track, map and measure the distance you’ve walked, share updates with friends, while offering information on how to maintain correct posture or find a chiropractor in your area – if needed.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here iPhone Android

Also download: Sportstracker (free on iPhone and Android).


This app is like having a mini pedometer in your pocket. Launched by Australian charity 10,000 Steps, it keeps a tally of how much you move each day which you can sync to the website to keep track of your progress. Simple and motivating.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here. iPhone

Also download: Pedometer free GPS+ (free on iPhone) Accupedo (free on Android).

Pocket Yoga HD

Whether you’re a practised poseur or a starter at sun salutations, this handy app features simpe-to-follow illustrations to guide you through the yogi moves. Select from 27 different sessions, including various yoga practices. And don’t miss the session that shows you how to burn fat while keeping your mind at rest.

Price: $2.99 on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Capital Yoga, Yoga (contains 250 poses and classes), Yoga Trainer Lite or Daily Yoga (all free from iTunes).

Tai Chi Lite

Tai Chi has been linked to improving health, balance, arthritis and overall wellbeing. This app guides you through the slow, flowing moves through easy-to-follow videos. For beginners, this version features 10 minutes of content, or for those more advanced, pay for the full version for over 1 hour of Tai Chi videos.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and $1.92 for Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: 3D Tai Chi (free on iPhone and Android).

Weight loss apps

Feeling fat? Confused by calories? These four apps can help.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

Enter your age, gender, weight loss goals and this clever app will help you reach your weight loss goals in your requested time frame. It lets you keep a food diary, tracks the amount of exercise you do, and after all your hard work it tells you how much room for manoeuvre (such as a glass of wine) you have left at the end of the day. Addictive.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary (free on iPhone and Android), Target Weight for Adults (free on iTunes).

Kilojoule and Calorie Counter

Ideal for Australians who count their kilojoule intake (rather than calories) or who are looking to achieve a weight loss goal of 1 kilo per week. Upload a �ore’ image, measurements, and keep track of your weight to stop you reaching for that chocolate bar.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Pocket Cal/kj (free on iPhone).

Traffic Light Food Tracker

Developed by the Obesity Policy Coalition, this waist-whittling program compares packaged food products by entering the amounts of salt, fat, saturated fat and sugar per 100g. This then generates a traffic light for each nutrient: red for high, amber for medium and green for low.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.Download here. iPhone Android

Easy diet diary

According to a study at Wisconsin-Madison University, photographing your meals can help you keep your overall kilojoule count under control. Use your iPhone to record your meals, then upload them to this site to keep track of how much you’ve eaten (and drunk) each day.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Pic Healthy, Diet Tracker Lite, Meal Snap (all free on iTunes), KalorieQ (free on Android).


Much more than an alarm clock, this app gently wakes you each morning to a summary of your sleep stats and the day’s weather report. You can even pair it with the Sleep Cycle alarm clock version: place your iPhone under your bottom sheet and the movement sensor will determine which sleep phase you’re in. Android users should try the Sleep app which is virtually the same and free too.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: SleepCycle (99c), or Smart Alarm Clock (free from iTunes).

Sleep Machine Lite

For those who can’t drop off without listening to the sounds of frogs ribetting, or waves crashing on a beach, this app is for you. Choose your soothing sound and allow your mind and body to relax until you drift off to dreamland. Android users should try the Relax Machine app for similar results.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Sleep Pillow Ambience, Relax Machine Lite (free on iPhone).


Meditation can boost your brain power, improve stress levels, lower blood pressure and even reduce your reaction to pain. This app offers a great way to get started with meditation, containing a playlist of over 74 sounds to quietly meditate to. You can also select tunes to help you sleep, stress less or increase your levels of happiness. Buddhist Meditation is a good option for Android users too.

Price: 99c on iPhone and iPad. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Take a break! Guided meditation for stress relief (free on iPhone and Android), Relax melodies: white noise ambiance for sleep, meditation and yoga (free on iPhone).

Stress Check

According to Lifeline, 93 per cent of Australians experience stress due to family, work, health and financial pressure. Use this app to see how you rate on the stress chart. Developed by clinical psychologists, it takes you through a series of stress check quiz, exploring different areas of in your life. These stressors are explained, along with helpful tips on how to reduce anxiety in those areas.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Stress Free or the thought-provoking Stress Quotes (both free on iPhone).

IPeriod Menstrual Calendar

If you can’t keep track of when your period is due (or when your PMS symptoms are going to appear), then download this digital tracking calendar. It records your menstrual cycle, highlights your most fertile days, plus, you can join in the forum to discuss any concerns with other women.

Price: Free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Menstrual calendar, the less obviously-named Aesop or My Cycles (all free from iTunes).


Breast cancer will affect one in 11 Australian women before the age of 75 and is the most common cause of cancer-related death. This app is in the form of a downloadable video that shows you how to check your breasts, set a reminder and how your current lifestyle is affecting your risk of getting the disease. A must-have.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Dr K’s Breast Checker (free from iTunes. With every download 55 cents will be donated to McGrath Foundation and the Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia).

Men’s guide to Prostate Health

Around 3,300 men die of prostate cancer in Australia every year. Dubbed the ‘silent’ killer, many men don’t know the symptoms, or even whether they should be regularly checked. This app may be a lifesaver: it talks you through symptoms, tests and treatments.

Price: $1.29 on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: the Men’s Health app which contains everything any man (or woman) wants to know about male health and wellbeing. (Free from iTunes).

Sexual health

This app offers a discreet way to check out any symptoms which may be worrying you, or your partner. Obviously it’s only a guide and you should visit your GP for a proper diagnosis: however, it may help to put your mind at rest.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: Men’s Sexual Health ($5.49 on iPhone).


Find out whether your peepers have perfect 20:20 vision or you need to visit your optometrist for some stylish specs. This app also tests colour perception, stigmatism, eye and eye dominance (letting you know whether you have a lazy eye).

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here. iPhone

Also download: Eye Exam Pro or MBF Centre and Healthcare provider to find an optometrist near you (both free) Eyesight test (Android, free).

WebMD Mobile

Whether you’re worried about a symptom, need some first-aid advice or guidance on supplements or drugs, you’ll find your well-informed answer here. Plus, there’s a handy section if you’re in need of a doctor, hospital or chemist nearby.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: ICE (personal health information stored on your phone in case of an emergency), First Aid White Cross (both free on iPhone and Android).

Free Heart Rate Calculator

Measuring your heart rate (and resting rate) while exercising, can help you program your training to better effect. You tap the screen every time you feel your heart/pulse beat and it calculates your heart rate measurement. Check your heart rate on rising, if it’s lowering, then you know that you’re getting fitter.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here.

Also download: Upgrade to the Instant Heart Rate Monitor Pro version for 99c.

Custom Hypnosis

Whether you want to stop smoking, find the motivation to exercise, cure your insomnia or just improve your overall mental health, hypnotherapy may help. Simply select the help you need (quit smoking, manage stress), choose your soothing music, the length of time and settle in to listen to your hypnotising ‘session’.

Price: $1.99 on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: Hypnosis customizable pack ($1.99 on iPhone and Android).

Better Brain

Your brain is a muscle, so daily exercise is needed to help keep it strong and fit. This app features both audio and visual tasks to help boost your memory levels.

Price: $2.99 on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Also download: BrainGames (free on iPhone) and Brain Twister (free on Android).


Even if you’re decades away from collecting your pension, it’s never too late to reduce your risk of developing dementia. Alzheimer&aposs Australia and the Bupa Health Foundation have launched BrainyApp, to help younger Australians reduce their risk, with information including improving heart health, exercise, nutrition and reducing alcohol intake.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Skin health apps

Easy-to-follow, informative apps to keep your skin safe from the sun.

Olay UV Monitor

Avoid sunburn and premature ageing, with this ingenious app from Olay. It lets you check real-time UV levels in Australia and New Zealand, as well as weather conditions. You’ll then be able to find the right SPF and moisturiser for your skin.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.


Developed by Cancer Council Victoria, this app lets you know when you do and don’t need sun protection. It’s also ideal to find out when it’s safe to get some sun for vitamin D: a lack of which is believed to cause serious illnesses.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Also download: D for Denmark (free on Android).

Plus, 10 new apps

And here&aposs our pick of the best apps to download now.


iMuscle offers a 3D look at the body’s muscular structure, letting you identify the body parts or muscle groups you wish to work on. It provides specific exercises to develop different muscles, lets you create or customise your own workouts and track your progress. It can be used by everyday fitness fans to the professionals as the anatomical modelling, labelling and descriptions are medically correct.

Price: $1.99 on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Nike Training Club

Nike has recently updated its star training app that offers targeted, custom-built workouts in easy-to-follow step-by-step images. It contains more than 60 workouts which you can watch or listen to for guidance. Plus this version contains five new workout routines from professional athletes including Rhianna’s personal trainer, a yoga instructor and more.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Instant Heart Rate

This clever app uses your smartphone’s camera to detect your pulse simply by placing your index finger over the lens. The app beeps with every heart beat and offers a real-time chart with an EKG-like graph. You can share your chart on Twitter and Facebook too.

Price: 99c on iPhone, iPad and Android. Downlaod here. iPhone Android

Calorie Counter Pro

If you could take one app to the supermarket with you this is it. It contains a built-in barcode scanner that delivers the nutritional content of some 416,000 foods in its database. You can then diarise the food you eat, set and track weight loss goals, plan exercise and it works without an internet connection too.

Price: $4.49 on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

Sports Tracker

This app contains a built-in GPS to track your performance as you get fit. It analyses your workout data, lets you share your information and photos with friends and comment on their workouts. This is the most powerful tracking app available for Nokia smartphones and it is also available for Android devices, Windows phones and iPhone.

Price: free on iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows. Download here.

Wellness Diary Beta

This handy app helps you track practically every area about your health: what you eat, how much you move, your weight, stress levels, even your sleeping patterns. Plus it gives you useful information around these health areas. This app is still under development, so if you feel there is room for improvement, Nokia is open to your feedback.

Price: free on Nokia smartphones. Download here.

All-in Yoga: 300 Yoga poses and classes

This app has been recently updated, now featuring more than 300 yoga poses in high definition (HD) imagery, including audio and video guides. Use the ready-made yoga programs or create your own workout. Plus it contains more than 30 breathing exercises, various music tracks, sharing tools, and it even has built-in app support to.

Price: 99c on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

Gorilla Workout

This app is like having your own personal trainer in the privacy of your own home. It details more than 40 body-weight exercises that can be done easily in small spaces, without the need for bulky exercise equipment. Each workout is deigned to target specific muscle groups to help you strengthen and tone. You can set your workout based on your fitness ability and keep track of your progress.

Price: $1.99 on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone Android

The Eatery

This app is like keeping a photographic food diary – that you let your friends see. You upload photos of your meals – good and bad – and invite friends to comment and rate on each, which is thought to help you to stick to your healthy food habits. Plus it lets you review restaurants in your area that support healthy eating too.

4. Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker (Free)

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker is one more food tracking app you should definitely try. With its attractive interface, you can see nutrients, progress, and calories left for the day on the main Diary screen.

Add a meal by searching for the foods, scanning the barcodes, or snapping photos. Then adjust the servings, review the nutrients, and tap to add it to your diary. For the meals and foods that you add, you’ll see smileys or frowny faces in your Diary which is a cute way to scan for how healthy you’ve eaten for the day.

You can switch over to the app’s Classic view to see your stats with bar charts if you prefer.

Extra sections and features:

  • Diary is where you add all food and drink items.
  • Me is your profile section where you can update your weight and check out lifestyle and body stats.
  • Plans offers help with meal plans based on your needs and specific diet. Plans require the Premium version of the app.
  • Recipes gives you a slew of options for your next meal. Do a search, check out what’s trending, or view by meal type. For full recipe details, you’ll need the Premium version of the app.

Lifesum on Apple Watch:

  • View your intake of carbs, fats, and protein.
  • See how healthy your meals were with smileys and frownies.
  • Be reminded to stay hidrated.
  • Check your eat, drink, rest, move, and stretch stats.

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker may not offer as many free features as the other apps, but for basic food tracking, you’re set without spending a dime. And, it’s super easy to use, so give it a try and if you enjoy it, you can get the Premium version via in-app purchase. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage.

Anonymous fast food workers reveal what fast food you should avoid

WE ALL love a bit of fast food every now and then, but some pretty disgusting things can go on behind the counter.

What's in your favourite fast food.

What's in your favourite fast food

Fast food menu items you should avoid. Source:News Limited

WE ALL love indulging in a bit of fast food every now and then, but some pretty disgusting things can go on behind the counter that we don’t know about.

Anonymous employees from fast food restaurants have divulged the kitchen secrets on Reddit, and you’ll certainly think twice before chomping down on a burger.

The employees have warned what foods to steer clear of and McDonald’s and KFC were seriously criticised by employees.

So here is what you should avoid next time you’re ordering.

The gravy drizzled on the KFC mashed potato has always been a crowd favourite, but apparently it may not be what we think.

Employees have warned us to steer clear of the gravy, because it’s made with the dregs from the bottom of the fryer.

“I recommend that you don’t consume the KFC gravy,” a former cook said.

“It is primarily made of the filthy oil that stores up on the bottom of the cookers over the day and is then served to customers the next day.

𠇊lso the ‘potato’ in potato and gravy is literally just flour, there is no potato at all whatsoever.”

So have we been living a lie this whole time?

A former employee at KFC in Australia also said to avoid the gravy.

“It’s kind of technically made how gravy should be, leftover chicken and stuff, but it’s actually the bottom of the fryers cleaned out once a week, then frozen,” the former employee said.

“Instead of throwing out all the chunks that drop into the fryer’s reservoir over time, they make it gravy.

“The reservoirs are 90 per cent oil, the rest flour, and a few pieces of well burnt chicken.”

When contacted by, KFC replied, “KFC Australia is passionate about serving our customers freshly prepared, great tasting food. Our gravy is made in our restaurants using a traditional method, which ensures an authentic and unique flavour.”

Gravy from KFC. Source:News Limited

You may try to go for the healthy option at fast food restaurants, but a McDonald’s employee warned against ordering the side salad.

“The side salads are an item that rarely moves. So re-stickering them is a daily routine,” the employee said.

It’s not the most popular item on the McDonald’s menu anyway, but a number of employees recommend avoiding it.

A current McDonald’s employee said the fish fillet usually sat on a tray for at least an hour.

Another employee agreed and said the fish sat there for hours and became �solutely disgusting”.

𠇍o no order a fish fillet unless you ask for a fresh one,” the employee suggested.

“This goes for any fast food place, never order anything so close to closing time, there’s a good chance it won’t be fresh.”

McDonald’s employees warn not to order the Filet-O-Fish. Source:News Limited

How bad can ice be? Apparently, pretty gross.

Fast food workers said customers should order soft drinks without the ice because the machines aren’t always kept clean.

�n’t tell you the number of ice machines I’ve seen with mould and dead flies in the bottom,” a McDonald’s employee said.

Another fast food worker also warned people to stay away from ice cubes.

“Those machines contain more mould and slime than you want to guess at,” the employee said.

Everybody loves a bit of chocolate with their ice cream, but apparently it’s not the best idea.

A former McDonald’s employee said the chocolate was left out all day.

“The top layer will congeal and they just mix that s*** back up and still use it,” the former worker said.

“Not to mention, at the McDonald’s I worked at, we sprayed the trays off next to the chocolate, so God knows how much chemical gets into it.”

A normal ice cream cone may be better than one dipped in chocolate. Source:News Corp Australia

A former Australian McDonald’s employee shared a couple of hacks on how to get the best quality food possible.

The worker recommended not ordering new and limited edition menu items.

“Nobody knows how the make it and I can guarantee you it will be made wrong or missing ingredients,” the former employee said.

Customers were also given advice on what to do if they wanted fries or burger patties cooked fresh.

𠇊 common myth is that asking for extra salt on fries or seasoning on meat will get it cooked fresh. Usually the person just gets an old patty and sprinkles more on it, same with fries,” the former worker said.

“If you want fresh meat you have two options. Ask for it fresh directly or ask for no salt. Tell the cashier you’re allergic or something and they will communicate it to the kitchen.”

Former McDonald’s worker speaks out about what food to avoid. Source:Supplied

The former employee also shared tips on how to get free food if you leave your wallet at home.

“You can ring a store half an hour before you go in and make up a complaint. Say something along the lines of ‘I just got a Big Mac earlier and the lettuce was brown and I had to throw it out’. Just be creative. They aren’t going to check the cameras or ask for a receipt unless you either ask for (a lot) of food or say something that seriously violates health code,” the former worker said.

“They will generally offer a replacement, if they don’t, just ask for one.”

Also, want to get more ice cream for less money? Of course you do.

The former employee said instead of ordering a Sundae, customers could order two cones, without the cone.

“It only costs $1 and will have more ice cream. It gets delivered on Sundae lids,” the former worker said.

1. Nutrita Pro App

Nutrita Pro is a goal-orientated app designed to help you lose fat, control your blood sugar, gain muscle, or simply eat a nutrient-dense diet. It stands apart from all other food tracking apps with its cutting edge food scores.

– The keto score helps newcomers choose foods that will get them into ketosis easily.
– The insulin score helps people choose foods that keep their metabolism in a healthy fat-burning range that also helps blood sugar control.
– The nutrient density score identifies the most nutritious and bioavailable foods that can fulfill your daily requirements for all essential vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids.

The app tracks your micronutrient intake, showing you which foods will best help you fill any nutritional gaps. Your macros are tailored to your goals and personal parameters, and recipes are recommended based on your protein target and carb limit for the day – true smart recipe recommendations.

How many eggs should I eat to get 30g of protein? No need to calculate, Nutrita Pro gives you real the food equivalents of your daily targets – meal planning and staying on track made simple.

Every user who signs up for a free trial benefits from a free expert video consult to helping answer diet and health questions.

Full features list
– over 25,000 foods scored with the unique keto score, insulin score and nutrient density score
– +150 professionally curated recipes
– Smart recipe suggestions helping you hit your macros
– Create custom recipes
– Add custom foods
– Micronutrient tracker to fill nutritional gaps
– Personalize macros, the carb limit, and protein target
– Track net or total carbs
– Track biomarkers and data (blood sugars, weight, insulin load, ketones…)
– Free expert video consult
– Food equivalents
– Intermittent fasting timer

2. Total Keto Diet app

They say there is no such things as a free lunch, but this app is the exception to the rule! The Total Keto Diet app is entirely free and works on Android and iOS devices. It has a macro tracker so you can record your protein, fat, and carb intake. However, this is more than just a nutrition tracker Total Keto Diet app also has lots of other useful functions including:

  • A vast database of low-carb recipes with new recipes added weekly
  • The ability to save your favorite ingredients and recipes for easier access and convenience
  • Keto resources such as beginners’ guides, shopping lists, meal plans, and recipe suggestions
  • Offline functionality so you can keep on using the app even when you don’t have an internet connection

The Total Keto Diet app comes with a free 7-day trial for a meal planning service. This may be a useful addition for those who find planning their keto diet tricky or time-consuming.

3. My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal has been around for years, and each year it seems to get better and better. Available as an app and also online, MyFitnessPal is a very popular nutrition tracker and offers a massive database of foods so you will have no problem identifying keto-friendly things to eat.

It’s not explicitly designed as a keto diet app, but it is completely compatible with low-carb dieting. You can set up your target macro percentages to reflect your personal nutritional needs, making staying in ketosis a breeze. Users of MyFitnessPal can also add foods to the database so that it’s always growing.

MyFitnessPal also allows you to track your weight and body measurements so that you can monitor your progress. This is useful for motivation. You can also use MyFitnessPal to record your workouts and activity levels too. This means you can easily adjust your food intake based on how active you are.

The basic version of MyFitnessPal is free, but you can get the more comprehensive premium version for just $9.99 per month.

4. Chron-o-meter

Chron-o-meter allows you to track over 300,000 different foods. It’s one of the more precise diet trackers currently available. That’s good news if you are a detail-focused keto dieter. The food lists are linked to the latest USDA databases so you can always be sure of getting the most up-to-date information available.

Where most nutrition trackers cover the macros, Chron-o-meter also allows you to track 60+ micronutrients. This is good news because, when doing keto, it’s all too easy to focus exclusively on your fat, protein, and carb intake, and forget all about the importance of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. With Chron-o-meter, you never need to worry if you are eating enough potassium, vitamin E, or eating too much sodium – it’s all there on the app.

Chron-o-meter is available for iOS and Android, and there is an online version too. There are basic free and paid premium versions available. As well as being a great diet tracker, you can also record your workouts on this app.

5. Carb Manager

Carb Manager is designed specifically for keto dieters. Where most diet trackers cater for keto dieters as well as people following calorie-counting diets, Carb Manager is all keto, all the time!

This diet app offers lots of useful functions and features that will make starting and following a keto diet much easier. These functions include:

  • A database of over 1,000,000 foods listing carbs, net carbs, protein, fat, and micronutrients
  • 1,000+ exclusive keto-friendly recipes and over 10,000 user-submitted recipes plus access to 350,000+ web recipes
  • Customizable meal plans and shopping lists
  • Integration with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Fit, and many other fitness and activity trackers
  • The ability to deep-dive your keto diet by tracking ketones, blood glucose, insulin levels, and much more

At $39.99 per year, Keto Manager might seem a little expensive, but there is a free version so you can try before you buy.

6. FatSecret

FatSecret is a very versatile diet tracker app that is perfectly compatible with keto dieting. It works on virtually every platform, from smartphones to tablets to PCs, and it’s super-easy to use. Best of all, unlike many diet apps, this one is 100% free. There is no basic or premium option – it costs nothing, nada, zilch!

Don’t think that, just because it is free, this app cuts any corners or is in any way inferior. It’s a quality product that makes sticking to your keto diet much easier. Functions include:

  • A food diary so you can track your meals and macros
  • A vast database of healthy-eating recipes
  • Database for foods, brands, and popular restaurants
  • Exercise diary
  • Weight tracking chart and weight loss journal
  • Community support for all users via an interactive forum

FatSecret might not be as polished as some of the other apps, but that’s more than okay when you consider the price.

7. Senza

Senza is much more than a keto diet app that helps you track your macros and calories. Instead, it’s like a keto diet expert in your pocket and is designed to guide you step-by-step through the intricacies of keto dieting.

Aimed at keto dieting neophytes and those who need clear instructions to follow, Senza offers a three-step approach to all things keto.

1 – easy to follow instructions on how to enter and maintain ketosis, including successfully navigating keto induction and dealing with the keto flu. You’ll also learn all about macros, net carbs, and electrolytes along the way.

2 – tracking macros to make staying in ketosis much easier. You can scan barcodes to identify low-carb and carb-free foods, and there is also a huge database of keto-specific foods and restaurant menus.

3 – Senza sends you daily updates, hints and tips, and ideas for meals. With Senza, you will never have to wonder about what keto-friendly meals to eat.

The basic version of Senza is free, but you can upgrade to the premium version for just $5.99. If you want to try keto but are unsure how to proceed, this could be the app for you.

8. KetoDiet app

KetoDiet App is a dedicated low-carb diet app. It works on all platforms, and while there are no free versions, it is far from expensive. The basic version costs just $3.99 while the full version costs $8.99. Note that these are one-off fees there are no ongoing subscriptions to pay.

With KetoDiet app, you can track and record your macros and calories, plan your meals and menus, monitor your progress, and read all about the keto diet on the dedicated blog. In addition, the accompanying website has lots of additional keto diet tools including quizzes, recipes, challenges, and diet plans. You can also join a keto dieting group so you can follow your diet with groups of like-minded people all around the world – a great way to stay motivated.

9. Keto Fat Bomb recipes

This free keto diet app is a little different. Instead of tracking nutrients or counting calories, it’s an app for creating keto fat bombs. Loaded with hundreds of recipes, this app provides a great way to enjoy some really indulgent snacks without derailing your keto diet.

Fat bombs are very useful for successful keto dieting. Eating enough fat is not always easy, but if you don’t eat enough fat, your diet will fail. Similarly, most diet snack foods are loaded with carbs. As any keto dieter knows, carbs are to be avoided during the ketogenic diet.

Fat bombs are the perfect solution to both of these problems. They make eating enough fat a breeze, and they are filling and nutritious too. They don’t just contain fat either. Most fat bombs are also high in keto-diet-friendly superfoods like protein, cocoa, and coconut.

10. Lazy Keto app

Lazy keto is a type of keto diet that simplifies eating low-carb foods for fat loss. Don’t be confused this is not THAT type of lazy keto. Instead, Lazy Keto app is a straightforward keto diet app that is designed to make starting and following a ketogenic diet as straightforward as possible.

It’s free (with in-app purchases) and has lots of useful, easy to use features including:

  • Extensive database of recipes – including user-submissions
  • Customizable shopping lists
  • Variable macro ratios
  • Shopping lists
  • Nutritional information for thousands of keto-friendly foods
  • Save recipes and foods in your favorites for easy reference

Originally released as an Android app, there is a beta iOS version available.

11. Real Plans

While this isn’t strictly a keto diet app, it’s worth considering if you often struggle to decide what you eat on your keto diet. Real Plans features a massive database of meal plans for all sorts of diets, and that includes keto. There are thousands of recipes, classified by diet, and that includes some great, easy-to-make keto recipes too.

With Real Plans, you can create menus, save recipes, and create shopping lists so that you are never short of ideas for what to eat. You don’t even have to use it for all your meals just use it when you need it.

Each recipe is completely customizable, so you can change it to suit your requirements. You can then add the meals you eat to the nutrition tracker. There is a 14-day trial option so you can use it before you buy it. Prices vary from $13.99 to $49.99 depending on what level of access you want.

Ronald McDonald

Jesus Christ, the comic has the subtlety of the kool-aid man.

Ronald McDonald, former rodeo clown, kept his promise, by founding a company selling hamburgers, made of beef, bovine meat, of dead bovines, which were killed, to death.

That's an odd-looking horse

I see he's a fan of the "Old Testament" approach to punishing individuals.

I read this in Morgan Freeman's voice in my head.

Well, I didn't the first time. But now I only hear Morgan Freeman. Amazing.

I read it in 'High-Pitch' Eric's voice.

Since when does McDonald's serve real meat?

I've always laughed at this sentiment because I know vegetarians that will tell you McDonald's is gross because the meat is gross, and non-vegetarians who say McDonald's is gross because it isn't really meat. What is this material that bridges the meat/non-meat gap?

Take your children&rsquos imagination to their favorite place this summer.

Advertising Agency: DDB Philippines, Manila, Philippines

Creative Director: Teeny Gonzales

Art Directors: Anton Panajon, Joseph Velasquez

Copywriter: Trina Martirez

Account Planner: Lester Obice

P.S.: If you liked these clever McDonald&rsquos ads don&rsquot forget to check 15 Extremely Creative Durex Condom Ads and 33+ Cool and Creative Ambient Ads

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