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Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge: Have a Better Night Out at Voodoo

Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge: Have a Better Night Out at Voodoo

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Have a Better Night Out at Voodoo

In a city like Charleston that loves a good drink, it comes as a surprise that there is a seeming dearth of tiki bars. But, if you’re craving your mai tai with a side of kitsch, never fear, Voodoo Lounge understands. With a vibe that’s a bit alternative and a bit rockability, Voodoo offers a night out unlike any other in the Avondale Triangle.

Voodoo isn’t content to just be a tiki bar, serving up themed cocktails and potent mai tais. They also host a variety of special evenings: a plethora of jazz nights dot their calendar with different featured bands for each event, full-moon parties entitled “lunacy nights” are also popular, and don’t forget to head over there for their Mardi Gras celebration with plenty of specials that will leave you feeling transported to the Big Easy.

While you might originally head there for the unique concept—regulars say that it feels like a vacation each time you go—you’ll return again and again for the better-than-average bar food and generous happy hour. Not content to serve the grease laden ho-hum tater tots that appear in countless other Charleston bars, you’ll find truffle infused tator tots. Also on their pumped up menu are duck or foie gras sliders, a laundry list of gourmet sliders and s’mores that come with a grill to get you into the camp fire spirit.

Voodoo recently revamped their cocktail menu to include more fresh juices, homemade syrups and higher-quality rums. Owner Jen Kulick described these new drinks to The Charleston City Paper, “It's what you really think a tiki drink should be: sweet but not too sweet or fake sweet and with a ton of rum”. Not feeling the Bud Light this evening? Choose a horny monkey cocktail, made with pineapple, orange juice and rum. Bored with your glass of wine? Split the Voodoo 18 with your friends, after all when a drink comes with four straws, it’s best to share.

While it can get loud and rowdy on the weekends, weeknights are generally tamer, with a happy hour offering half-priced drinks from 4 pm to 7.

Ghost Bar vs Voodoo Lounge. Best clubs?

We went to Vegas last year, and didn't get a chance to visit the Ghost Bar or Voodoo Lounge.

We are going again this summer, and will probably only have time for one. Which is the better bar?

Which is cheaper? Is one more of a chill-out bar, and one more of a party bar where you can dance etc? Are they strict with admissions if we chose to spend a night there? (arive at 23:00 and stay until closure).

In terms of clubs, we went to Pure, LAX and Body Rocks, so we do not want to visit these again.

Also we to the Coyote Ugly bar which we enjoyed.

Where else could you recommend please (and any particular nights)? I have heard that Tao is good.

Could you also please advise the best nights (and time) to visit either the Ghost Bar or the Voodoo Lounge for a night out?

Voodoo lounge is awesome. Especially when its a nice night out. Try it on a weekend night. However like most clubs in vegas (more so than ones here in NYC or Miami) it will be a douche bag haven. Although voodoo not so bad because many tourists want to soak up the views

Voodoo lounge is awesome. Especially when its a nice night out. Try it on a weekend night. However like most clubs in vegas (more so than ones here in NYC or Miami) it will be a douche bag haven. Although voodoo not so bad because many tourists want to soak up the views

Sorry for the double post. Stupid I phone. Was goong to say for great views and a pretty good club try The Mix on top of mandalay bay. Thats a good one as well

Thanks. I hadn't heard of the Mandalay club. Have you also been to Ghost Bar?

We are going to NYC before Vegas, so look forward to some rooftop bars there too!

I had gone to ghost bar but its been a while. Enjoyed it, had a dress code at the time. Which isnt a problem. However it is the only club left in palms. The crowds dont go to that casino/clubs like they use to. Was a nice place though. Enjoy NYC. Make sure you head downtown to the village. There is also a bar/ lounge called ghost. Think you may enjoy that as well. Definantly make your way to mix. IMO it has the best views in vegas.

Great, thanks. It sounds like Voodoo Lounge is better than Ghost Bar for a night out.

Also interested in going to Tao, and will go to Mix.

You should check out for a lot more info on clubs.

Cheers - another site which I was unaware of.

I feel like we missed out on so much the last time we visited Vegas (last year), and I'm not sure when we will next to a chance to visit again after this trip.

It was also recommended to drink cocktails at the Stratosphere during Happy Hour.

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Ghost Bar vs. VooDoo Lounge

We are going to be in Vegas in about 3 weeks and would like to hit up one of these clubs our first night. Both have outdoor patios with views of the strip, but we aren't sure which is better. Our first night there will be a Sunday if that makes a difference. We're a group of mid 20s early 30s and love to drink and dance. Any info you guys have is greatly appreciated.

Ghost is the superior club.

Also try XS at the Encore

If you are leaning towards Voo Doo at the end of this post I would like to recommend an open bar package we used last year (since you stated you guys like to drink). it was 75.00 (plus taxes and fees per person) front of the line entereance and open bar all night. I bought it off of, but from what I understand you can get them in Vegas at most HArrahs box offices, but they are limited to how much they give out.

I loved the view, but I have never been to ghost bar so I can't give you a comparison.

I've been to both and I would go back to Voodoo every time. I can't say what they will be like on a Sunday night so that may make a difference. Voodoo's outside area is much bigger then Ghostbar's and all the outdoor clubs at the Palms that I've been to have glass walls surrounding the whole outside where Voodoo doesn't, it's just open air. I'm not sure why but for some reason the glass walls bother me. We go to Voodoo almost every time we go to Vegas. I'm sure you'd have fun at either place though.

I haven't been to GhostBar yet so cant really comment on that, but VooDoo Lounge at the Rio is great. As other posters have said you could go with the package deal there, here's a link to some more info on that:

I haven't been to VooDoo but I've been to Ghostbar several times. I LOVE Ghostbar. The view is just amazing and I like the atmosphere. Also, make sure you order a Ghostini!

I have been to both and both are good but different

Ghost Bar, I think, has a slightly better view although not that different. Being slightly further back gives it a fantastic panarama view of the Strip. It is a little more upscale and it is not very big. Not really sure if they have that much of a place to dance if that is what you are looking for. The two times I went it was right when it opened and we just went for a few drinks and to check out the view.

Voodoo has a very good view and has a larger outside area. I found it to be a little more laid back than Voodoo. It doesn't seem like it is trying to be as upscale as Ghost Bar. It has an area for dancing. They do have the "open bar" package too that others mentioned that seems like a good deal.

Thanks for the info everyone. maybe we'll stop by Ghost Bar for a few drinks, definitely want to try a ghostini, and then party the rest of the night away at Rio with the open bar package. That sounds like such a good deal.

Well first of all, Ghostbar has no dancefloor. They suggest you go to Rain if you wanna dance, while Voodoo has 2 dancefloor outside!

Can't help you with sunday, have only been to Voodoo on thursdays!

Went to Ghostbar last august on a sunday! It was only semi crowded, but still all the seats were reserved! (Maybe it was only for show!)

FYI BYB, apparently the Mix at MB has no cover if you go there from 5-10 pm. Might also be another nice place to grab a cocktail and check out the sunset.

The VooDoo is definitely a great place to dance the night away though. Hope you have a blast! :)

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VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub

Dine, dance and drink 51 stories above the excitement of Sin City at the wildest Las Vegas nightlife destination, VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub at Rio Las Vegas.

See Sin City from the Rio’s point of view from the indoor/outdoor Vegas nightclub, complete with a striking steel staircase. Perfect for summer evenings, the patio’s dance floor gives you the chance to dance beneath the stars, while our live DJ spins nightly. The cool, refreshing breeze is another plus.

And of course, VooDoo Nightclub’s award-winning flair bartenders add to the excitement. Watch them mix up specialty cocktails like the world-famous Witch Doctor – a gigantic rum cocktail topped with dry ice.

VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub opens at 8 p.m. nightly and is located directly above the elegant and exotic VooDoo Steakhouse, Rio’s premier gourmet steakhouse. VIP bottle service is also available.

The easiest way to VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub is by parking in the Masquerade garage. After the entrance door, walk a few steps and it will be on your left.

The air is getting warmer and the fake tan is starting to take hold on Starshines porcelain legs. This is the first of three consecutive episodes designed to get you all in the mood for Tiki Caliente 8 happening this May 12-15 in sunny Palm Springs. Sunshine and Starshine are behind the mic sipping on a new spirit and discussing the many reasons they are getting very excited about Tiki Caliente. Book your room and wristbands for this weekend long event now.

Many a rum snot hate the idea of flavored rum and prefer to stick with a straight cane spirit. But some of us do like a good infused or flavored rum from time to time. Most of the coconut rums out there are artificially flavored and have a better coconut aroma than flavor. This one from Rum Haven seems to have both nice aroma and well balanced flavor with some nuttiness and a creamy feel. We enjoyed this simple: 1.5 ounces Rum Haven with 1.5 ounces Appleton Estate Special over the rocks. Stir and sip. Simple, easy and tasty. And only 160 calories.

When you party all weekend long in the desert you need great music to set the mood. Tiki Caliente brings us some returning favorites as well as artists you may have not had the opportunity to experience. Returning this year are the Ding Dong Devils and The Do-its. If you didn't catch everyones favorite tongue in cheek lounge band in a bar near you, this is your chance. The Ding Dong Devils will be playing the bar on Saturday night. We couldn't be happier to have the Do-its returning this year. High energy and full of on stage shenanigans, the Do-its will show off their original songs including trumpet and sultry vocals. For the first time at TC, the Voodoo Organist will make you feel like you wandered into Satan's tiki bar or perhaps Dr. Evil's underground underwater lair. This is as loungey as it gets. Keep those cocktails handy.

Though not traditionally tiki, Better Luck Tomorrow’s Mr. Sunshine with pineapple and satsuma, the passion-fruit imbued Long Story Short, and hurricanes (which are half off any time it’s raining) all have summertime appeal.

This Washington Corridor nightlife mecca has a Magnum P.I. themed speakeasy. Hawaiian-inspired pours include the Aku Aku with rum, peach, and mint and the HB rum punch: a dangerous concoction of rum, bourbon, gin, and grapefruit liqueur. But since the bar is hidden, you’ll have do some investigating of your own to find it.

Tiki Bars Are Enjoying a Resurgence&mdashand in Paris, of All Places

After their glamorous 1950s heyday, American tiki bars became a kitsch joke, populated mostly by teenagers hoping to get served underage. But today, tiki has risen again&mdashand in Paris, of all places. The City of Light has a relatively young bar culture with high quality, creative options (with an artisanal bent, of course) springing up only in the last seven or eight years. As they&rsquove searched for unusual ingredients and plundered the archaeology of cocktail traditions, it was perhaps inevitable they&rsquod eventually drift up on cheerful Polynesian shores.

The city’s first tiki bars were standalone places that, though campy and even a little divey, have real talent beneath their cocktail umbrellas. Le Tiki Lounge opened in the 11th arrondissement in 2012, and Dirty Dick in Pigalle a year later. With fresh juices and house-made infusions and syrups, they brought seriousness to boozy punch that transcended their goofy surroundings. Meanwhile, Paris’s growing taste for craft and tropical cocktails found its way to palace hotel bars, traditionally bastions of classic recipes. But today, a swinging five-star isn’t worth its name without a ceramic Easter Island head grinning at patrons from behind the bar.

Here’s where to find our favorite beach-ready concoctions of the grand boulevards:

Le Tiki Lounge: Not far from the tiki joints of yesteryear in dຜor and inspiration, sidle up to the raffia bar for La Machete, a mix of tequila blanco, house-made hibiscus infusion, cinnamon and lemon juice.

Dirty Dick: With its smattering of taxidermy and fetching pinup girl mural, the dຜor doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the drinks are next-level. Juice often is pressed to order and the classic Pi༚ Colada, with Don Q Gold rum, fresh pineapple juice, coconut cream and a dash of bitters, shows just how right they get it.

Le Plaza Athenພ: Heads of state and the bodyguards who trail them are frequent guests in La Galerie, the bar and restaurant that winds through the lobby of this iconic hotel. For more discreet liaisons they pop into Le Bar du Plaza Athenພ, where no one will see them downing rounds of Tiki Mads, made with Barbados rum, it’s-legal-here absinthe, mint bitters, and freshly extracted pineapple and grapefruit juices.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme: The lobby’s fireplace and jewel-toned color-scheme are cozy enough, but Le Bar, around the corner, is positively clandestine. Among several surprising options you’ll find the Missionary’s Downfall, featuring the house blend of dark rum, pineapple juice, lime, honey, peach liqueur and a house-made mint syrup.

Hilton Paris Opera (pictured): The restoration of this Beaux Arts beauty apportioned a nook off of Le Grand Salon for Le Petit Bar, where Pierre will mix you a Voodoo out of Sailor Jerry rum, Umeshu plum liqueur, freshly chopped ginger, a shot of vanilla syrup and a ginger beer topper, garnished with a slice of starfruit.

Shangri-La Hotel: At the clubby, intimate but still palatial Le Bar, the Little Island combines Bacardi Reserva dark rum, Amaretto, passion fruit juice and cinnamon.

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March 28 – Cruise-In at The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale.

It was great to be back at The Mai-Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show on Sunday for the Cruise-In Classic Car Show. Cool…

Posted by The Atomic Grog on Monday, March 29, 2021

April 8-18 – Modernism Week in Palm Springs, Calif.

April 17 – The Mai-Kai Tiki Marketplace in Fort Lauderdale.

The Mai-Kai hosts first Tiki Marketplace featuring vendors, entertainers, cocktails, rum tasting and more
The historic restaurant may be closed for repairs, but a new event takes advantage of the large parking lot for a safe and fun-filled day featuring the generous spirit of ‘ohana.

April 17 – Manchester Rum Festival in the UK.

April 22-25 – Arizona Tiki Oasis in Scottsdale.

Arizona Tiki Oasis ushers in the return of live weekend conventions
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May 22 – Czech RumFest in Prague, Czechoslovakia.


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The Living Room at the Dewberry Arrow

Put your phone in your pocket. Resist the urge Instagram as you enter the expansive lobby. You're too cool for that, remember? That brass bar is impressive and gleaming over there, and those white dinner jackets the bartenders are wearing are a nice touch. It's rare that a hotel bar in Charleston becomes a locals spot, but that's exactly what happened here. Award winning, unapologetically fancy, classic cocktails and inventive originals are available. There are custom ice cubes, negroni riffs poured out of coconuts on silver trays, and brandy snifters full of rare, top shelf whiskeys.

Our basement tiki bar is complete! (More info in comments)

After about a year and a half of prop searching, and 4 months of building and theming, our basement tiki bar, the Kākau Canteen, is open. And while I never think it will be truly “complete”, I feel comfortable calling this “ready". There is heavy influence from Trader Sam’s, Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, and Adventureland at large. Everything on the menu has a backstory, and certain drinks trigger their own lighting and fog effects.

This is something I’ve poured a whole bunch of time and effort into, and I’m pretty proud of it and happy with how it turned out.

Going forward, follow @kakaucanteen on Instagram for further updates, drink photos, and future plans for holiday overlays!

EDIT: Wow. Thank you all for the support. I poured a lot into this and the overwhelmingly positive response from around here and elsewhere is truly heartwarming. I wanted to take some time to answer some of the frequently asked questions I'm seeing in the comments.

How was the window done?

The background for the window is a TV standing behind the wall on a stand. 2 of the walls for the bar were built by me from scratch and don't have anything on the other side, just studs. I cut a hole out that was slightly smaller than the screen, and mounted some drywall around it to make it look inset. Some stained floor trim was used to create the "frame". Small, hollow bamboo twigs are held in front with nails. Then I just dressed it up with wood and put some fake plants in front. The video itself was created by me. I'm a motion-graphics designer, so I created a 2-hour loop with some background noise. It rains, and the volcano goes off every 30 minutes. I don't mind linking it here. I also created a night-time loop. Putting the TV on the lowest brightness helps make it look less TV-like.

How was Pele created?

I can't take credit for anything but the idea for Pele. It was commissioned by me, then sculpted and built by Buzz Rhino. The smoke is actually a vape pen controlled with a keyfob.

How did you do the lighting effects?

So this is actually a mix of things, and my current system is admittedly not the most reliable and I'm working on ways to better streamline it. That said, the current setup is as follows: All of the lights (except the ones in the chandelier) are Philips Hue lights. The bar's audio/lights are controlled by a hidden Amazon Echo behind the radio prop. I have an old phone connected by Bluetooth that plays a shuffled Spotify playlist I curated, but also has effect SFX that I created loaded onto it. I purchased these things called Echo Buttons, which let you trigger custom "Routines" in the Alexa app that control lights/smart devices/etc. Anything that turns completely on/off (like the chandelier for instance) is connected to a smart outlet for a set amount of time. Once that button is pushed, I start playing the effect's sound on the connected phone. I have an app on that phone (Hue Pro) that lets me program Philips Hue bulb colors and timing to create a light show. Once the effect ends, I have another Echo Button that effectively resets everything back to normal. So basically, I push the Echo Button, start the sound, start the light show in the Hue Pro app, then reset once it's all ended. I created the sounds myself and spent a while syncing the light animations in-time to those sounds. I apologize if this isn't a very good explanation, it's a lot of moving parts. Hopefully this helps!

Watch the video: Robert Drasnin Orchestra performing Chant of the Moon live at Tiki Oasis 8 (August 2022).