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10 Iconic Boardwalk Eats Slideshow

10 Iconic Boardwalk Eats Slideshow

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Saltwater Taffy, Ocean City Boardwalk

Known as the Salt Water Taffy capital of the world, New Jersey proudly hosts the famous Shriver's Taffy shop in Ocean Beach. Featuring over 40 different flavors, Shriver's bills itself as "the oldest business on the boardwalk" and it’s all due to their multicolored treats. Technically not containing any salt water, Shriver's chewy delights are a sweet ending to a long day of sand and sea spray.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, Cony Island

Started by a Polish immigrant as a single hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York, Nathan's Famous is living proof of the American dream. As proud sponsors of the International Hog Dog Eating Competition, there is no question that this is the place to go for your hot dog fix. In addition to their main staple, their menu also features hamburgers, crinkle cut French fries, Philly cheese steaks, and more.

Chocolate-covered bacon, Santa Cruz Boardwalk

We’ve learned time and again that bacon makes a surprisingly tasty pair with chocolate. Cue Marini's Candies on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in California - crispy, hickory flavored bacon is bathed in homemade chocolate and has become a boardwalk staple. For those hot summer days, the candy shop also features Vegans Nightmare ice cream which contains chocolate-covered bacon bits floating in maple syrup flavored ice cream.

Thrasher's Fries, Ocean City Boardwalk

Billed as the “The Original Boardwalk Fries,” Thrasher’s French Fries have become an Ocean City Boardwalk icon. Keeping their ingredients fresh and simple, your only options include size (small, medium, or large fry starting at $4.75) and seasonings (salt or vinegar). No ketchup is allowed (and you won’t need any!), as Thrasher’s is fiercely proud of the quality and taste of their fries. With a cult-like following, you may have to wait in line for your bucket, but as any local will tell you, “it’s worth the wait!”

Pretzels, Bethany Beach

Candy Kitchen’s chocolate-covered pretzels are a crispy, creamy snack that’s popped up all over the hottest boardwalks in the U.S. From Maryland to Delaware to Virginia, this candy mecca has taken over in style. For classic chocolate fans, pick up an assorted box of pretzels in milk, white, and dark chocolate. Looking for the perfect party treat? Add some color with the aptly named Rainbow pretzels. All boxes can be giftwrapped and shipped (to the U.S. and Canada). So now everyone can indulge in these twisted treats.

Fudge, Myrtle Beach

For those who like to sing for their supper, Myrtle Beach’s The Fudgery delivers. Fresh fudged is created before your very eyes, while the Wonka-like staff belts out show tunes and encourages you to join along. According to the original fudge master, A.C. Marshall, the concept of interactive retail is what sets his fudge shop apart from others. That, and using the finest quality ingredients to create truly show-stopping fudge

Fried Dough, Hampton Beach

For a unique take on a boardwalk treat, visit Blink’s Fry Doe for some doughy, buttery goodness. With over 20 different flavors to choose from including PB&J, honey & walnuts, and garlic and butter, this is one snack that can repeatedly surprise. Try a new flavor, or combination every weekend, or stick with a classic butter and sugar. Either way, pair one with an ice cold lemonade and enjoy!

Frozen Custard, Seaside Heights

For those hot, summer days, the only thing more refreshing than a dip in the ocean is a Frozen Custard from Kohr’s Bros. Containing less fat and sugar than a traditional cone of ice cream, this is one guilt-free snack that doesn’t sacrifice taste for calories. With over 15 flavors such as Oreo smash and butterscotch ripple, and a choice of hand dipped versus soft serve, Kohr’s frozen treats never fail to please.

Sausages, Venice Beach Boardwalk

With a determination to create a gourmet sausage that refutes the idea of “mystery meat,” Jodi Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom redefines what a sausage truly is. Each sausage contains finely ground ingredients, so that you can see traces of oranges, apples, and fennel depending on which style you order. The sausage kingdom has since expanded to include burgers, sides, and even Mexican style dishes.

Corn Dogs, Newport Beach Boardwalk

Craving a late night snack after a long day on the Newport Beach boardwalk? Jane’s Corn Dogs is open until 2:30 a.m. and has become a popular after hours spot. This local legend fries their dogs as you order and serves up a mean dish of chili cheese fries. They also offer boardwalk must-haves like funnel cakes, churros, and deep-fried chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick. Need we say more?