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Simple biscuits with jam

Simple biscuits with jam

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For this recipe I used the planetary robot provided. But it works just as well and easily with the hand or the mixer ... with the robot, indeed, we reduce the preparation time of the dough. Put lard, sweetener or sugar, salt and essence in the bowl of the robot. Start and leave for 30 seconds, until the ingredients are well mixed. Mix the flour with the baking powder. Add flour and milk in several tranches, mixing each time until the ingredients are incorporated.

At the last tranche of flour and milk, mix with the robot until the dough comes off the walls of the bowl. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes until you make the dough ... if you think the dough is too soft, add 1-2 tablespoons of flour. Let the dough rest for a few minutes, until we prepare the tray and the board on which we will cut the biscuits. Spread the dough in a fairly thin layer, maximum 0.5 cm, taking into account that the dough will grow during baking. Cut the biscuits into a round shape and place them on a tray lined with baking paper.

Put the biscuits in the oven at 180 degrees and bake for 12, maximum 13 minutes. Let the biscuits cool, put jam on a biscuit and glue with another biscuit. I left them on a tray until the next day, covered, to freeze, then I glazed them with a little melted chocolate. May it be useful to you !!

Glazed fan biscuits are perfect for any time of the day. You can enjoy them with a cup of tea in the morning or as a snack during the lunch break at the office. The flavor of the fan biscuits will bring a smile on your face and will give you a feeling of well-being all day long.

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Delicious wafer cake, nuts and apricot jam & # 8211 a sweet and sour dessert

This cake has a special taste. I recommend that you prepare it as soon as possible, in order to pamper yourself with a delicious dessert. The cake made of wafer sheets, nuts and apricot jam is quite easy to prepare, so it's worth a try.

Ingredients for the wafer cake, nuts and apricot jam:

  • 125 gr sugar, 100 ml water
  • 125 gr margarine, 1 tablespoon cocoa
  • 100 gr plain ground biscuits, 100 gr ground walnuts
  • 300 gr apricot jam, a few simple biscuits
  • 1 wafer sheet

How to prepare the cake from wafer sheets, nuts and apricot jam?

Spread the jam on the wafer sheet. Then cut the wafer sheet in half to get two equal sheets.

Place a row of biscuits over the two wafer sheets and press lightly with your hand to stick.

Mix the water with the sugar and put it in a pan, to boil. After a minute of boiling, add the diced cocoa and margarine. Turn off the heat and stir until the margarine melts. Add the ground biscuits and nuts.

Immediately spread the hot filling over the biscuits. Distribute evenly over the entire wafer sheet. Cover the filling with the other wafer sheet. Put the wafer sheet upside down so that the biscuits come inside.

Put stains on the cake, a chopper or another heavier object (weighing about 1 kg) so that the wafer sheets stick together. Wrap the cake in cling film so it doesn't dry out and set it aside for a few hours.

Cut the cake into slices before serving. Good appetite, with your loved ones and increase your cooking!

Biscuits with garlic and beer, biscuits appetizer

Joke aside, they are very similar in taste and consistency to some flat breads or sticks, they can easily be a substitute for them with different foods. They are soft and fluffy and keep fresh for a few days without problems.

Ingredients for the recipe for biscuits with garlic and beer

  • 300 g flour
  • 350 ml beer
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 100 g cheese
  • & frac14 teaspoon oregano
  • & frac14 teaspoon rosemary
  • & frac14 teaspoon thyme
  • & frac14 teaspoon basil
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Biscuits with peanut butter

I like biscuits of any kind, if it weren't for those damn calories I would eat every day but I try to prepare them at home and then I reduce the amount of sugar or replace it with something else. Peanut butter biscuits are delicious and can be prepared with children because they are & # 8222stampilati & # 8221 biscuits, if you have stamps for them at home you can use them freely, if you can't make them simple. They are tender, soft and very good. And I made them with peanut butter because my babies don't eat peanut butter in any form, I'm not a big fan either. Yes, I had to confess this, you know I'm honest, sometimes too much :). The only thing imported from Americans that I like are pancakes, otherwise all the sweets seem too much sugar and chocolate.

The recipe is very simple, with just a few ingredients as I like them and as they fit some fluffy cookies, I found it here, I liked it and I implemented it.

Biscuits with peanut butter

  • 100g butter minimum 80% fat at room temperature
  • 60g old powder
  • 250g white flour
  • 1 or
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 100g peanut butter

2. Add the vanilla essence, egg, peanut butter and finally add the flour. We get a crumbly dough that we roll in foil and keep it cold for at least an hour.

3. On the table sprinkled with flour, spread the dough in a sheet about 3mm thick, then print with the stamp patterns and cut into biscuits.

Place them in a tray lined with baking paper and bake them in the preheated oven at 175 degrees Celsius for 7-8 minutes until slightly browned.

4 After the biscuits are baked, let them cool in the pan.

They are very tender and go great with a glass of milk.

If you liked them, here are other cookie recipes:

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

Biscuits in love

Put in a bowl the butter at room temperature, egg, sugar, gold mixture, essence and mix until the sugar is completely melted, add the flour and mix with a spatula or in a food processor until smooth. aluminum foil and refrigerate for an hour, so as to harden the dough.
Put the dough on the work table and make a sheet from which to cut cookies in a round shape or whatever you want, I made hearts because I want to celebrate the day of love.
Put waxed paper in the tray and the biscuits over the paper, put them in the oven, on the right heat for about 15-20 minutes. They are taken out and can be served so simple, but they can be filled with rose jam.

Have appetite, dear ones and don't forget that love is in each of us!

Grandma's cookies

The amount of flour varies depending on the humidity in the air or the house, the way the wheat was ground, the quality of the flour, etc.

So, rub the eggs with the sugar until they froth well, then add the oil and lemon juice or any other liquid you want to use to flavor the biscuits, mix a little more. Add the baking soda and then in rounds of 100 g add flour.

Mix with the mixer until the dough becomes slightly harder. Then we start to add a handful of flour and mix manually. When the dough has become quite thick, set aside for 10 minutes.

Take a form of biscuits, attach it to the meat machine and start forming them. If you do not have a special shape, you can use the biscuit press, in this case pay attention to the consistency of the dough, it must be a little softer. If you don't have a press either, then spread a 5 mm thick sheet, make shapes on the surface of the dough with a knife, then cut the sticks.

Bake on the right heat for only a few minutes, do not brown, the biscuits should be just light, even very light golden. serve simple or soak one of the ends in melted chocolate and sprinkle the decorative candies on top.

Biscuit cream cake

Countertop preparation. The 4 eggs are separated, the egg whites are placed in a bowl and the yolks are placed in another bowl. Over the bowl in which the egg whites are added, add a pinch of salt, sugar and mix at medium speed until you get a hard foam. One by one in the egg white composition add the yolks and after each yolk added mix at low speed until incorporated. Flour mixed with baking powder is incorporated into the composition, hot water is added and mixed lightly with a whisk.

Grease a 24/36 cm tray with butter, line it with baking paper and pour the composition. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the pan for about 25-30 minutes. After the top is baked, leave it to cool, then when it is cold with a long-bladed knife, cut the top into two equal sheets.

Homemade crackers with lard or butter

The combination of walnut and ness is great, and if you are a lover of. As a child, my mother always made us these cookies, they were very delicious. I cook homemade biscuits and delicious cookies for our children, we have gathered recipes for. Yes, and don't forget waffles, nuts and other wonders in the same category.

Homemade Dessert presents a variety of recipes for desserts and sweets. See also the recipe for Tavalita cake with ground walnuts. Bake the cakes on the middle stage of the preheated oven at 175 ° C for 15 minutes, until nicely browned. You might also like: Spirit cookies.

How to make cookies sprinkled with butter and walnuts? Butter, Biscuit, Winter, Cookie Favors. Coconut biscuits are very fragile and tasty, they are very easy to make.

Fragile and vanilla, these simple biscuits enchanted us all as children. What differentiates them from other biscuits is the fact that for their preparation. SHAPES (FORM) HOMEMADE CAKES, SHAPE OF SALTS, WALNUTS.


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