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Nikita Malibu Reopens With New Concepts of Fine Dining on Billionaire's Beach

Nikita Malibu Reopens With New Concepts of Fine Dining on Billionaire's Beach

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Recently reopened after an extensive reimagining of its cuisine and atmosphere, Nikita Malibu has put together what the restaurant is deeming the "marriage of food and wine in a cozy, yet refined seaside architectural gem."


Having trained under three star Michelin-rated Heinz Beck, Nikita Malibu's Executive Chef Salvatore Sodano has crafted a new Mediterranean-inspired collection of plates. Of the ever-evolving menu and beverages planned for the restaurant, Sodano said, "Food and wine dance closely together. This is how it has always been in Italy,” which is why he and his trio of Italian sous chefs have worked closely with restaurant Wine Director Renée-Nicole Kubin.

"I wish for everyone who enjoys food and wine to have that moment where they have a bite and a sip, and its transcendent, wine transforms food,” said Kubin. Visitors will be able to experience over 800 excellent, hand-selected wines. In addition to this incredible selection, the restaurant is planning a wine concierge service as well as a quarterly publication dedicated to Malibu living.

Situated above the lapping ocean of Carbon Beach (often referred to as "Billionaire's Beach"), Nikita Malibu's reinvention should make for a remarkable night of appreciation for some of the finer things in life.

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