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How to Make the Cheesecake Factory’s Recipes at Home

How to Make the Cheesecake Factory’s Recipes at Home

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Try these authentic restaurant recipes, found exclusively at The Daily Meal!

You’re going to love bringing a little bite of the Cheesecake Factory to your kitchen.

When you hear, “Let’s go to The Cheesecake Factory,” your mind probably races to the long bakery case at the front of every restaurant where you can imagine yourself drooling over the crazy number of heavenly, decadent cheesecake options. (My personal favorite is the Oreo Cheesecake.) This glorious place churns out dozens of varieties of creamy, luxurious cheesecakes and is where anyone with a sweet tooth dreams to be.

How to Make the Cheesecake Factory’s Recipes at Home

With the rows and rows of sweet options, it’s (almost) easy to forget about the savory menu. From creamy soups to snappy appetizers to satisfying entrees, The Cheesecake Factory dishes are enjoyed by enthusiastic eaters night after night. Everyone loves a good excuse to get out every now and then, but indulging in a luxury meal from the comfort of your kitchen table isn't a half-bad deal either.
Our friends at The Cheesecake Factory were gracious enough to provide The Daily Meal with some of their favorite recipes. Now you too can create a deliciously authentic Cheesecake Factory meal made complete with a copycat Banana Cream cheesecake. Sorry about the “copycat” part; The Cheesecake Factory wasn’t quite ready to divulge their industry secrets to us just yet. Nevertheless, from the Crispy Crab Wontons to the Mexican Tortilla Salad, we’ve got the hook-up so you can bring The Cheesecake Factory into your own kitchen!

Article originally published by Lauren Gorden in May, 2015. Additons and revisions by Rachael Pack, Cook Editor of the Daily Meal. Follow her on twitter and instagram @rachael_pack