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Appetizers for children gathered from around the world

Appetizers for children gathered from around the world

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The snake is made the simplest by cutting cucumber slices and with the mouth of an opahar cut slices of ham / salami and cheese about the same size. Grease with a little cream cheese to stick and arrange them alternately. split a little at the top and then in the crack insert a "tongue" of carrots or peppers.

Of course everyone can put what they want and you can make other shapes, someone made a crocodile I saw.

The hedgehog is made by mixing the pate with the yolks, mustard, mayonnaise and grated cheese. / red we make paws and eyes.

The snails are made from very thin slices of pressed ham and cheese greased with cream cheese glued on top of each other and rolled. thought that something else might work and that the toothpicks are still dangerous for the little ones, maybe some thin pieces of carrot or celery, something hard to stand on.


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